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  1. Will I receive a confirmation email after placing an order?

    Yes, after successfully placing an order with Metal Plate Pictures, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the email address you provided during checkout. This email confirms the details of your purchase and serves as a record of the transaction.

    If, for some reason, you don't see the confirmation email in your primary inbox, we recommend checking your spam or junk folder. On rare occasions, emails might be mistakenly directed there by email filters.

    If you still can't locate the email or have concerns about your order, please reach out to our customer service team. We're here to ensure you have a smooth and transparent shopping experience.

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  2. What steps should I take if my delivered package has missing items or contains damaged art?

    We take immense pride in ensuring our art pieces reach you in impeccable condition. However, should you encounter any discrepancies upon receiving your package, such as missing items or damages, it's vital to address them promptly.

    We advise customers to inspect the package in the presence of the delivery personnel, as this can help verify any initial concerns. If, after opening, you identify missing or damaged items, please document the situation by taking clear photographs of both the content and the packaging. These images serve as crucial evidence and help us in rectifying the issue efficiently.

    Once documented, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team with the images and details. We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction, and will work diligently to address and resolve any concerns you may have.

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  3. I noticed my package status is "delivered," but I haven't received it. What should I do?

    We sincerely apologize for any discrepancies you've experienced with the delivery status. At Metal Plate Pictures, we're committed to ensuring a seamless delivery process, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause confusion.

    On rare occasions, packages might be marked as 'delivered' prematurely, or there might be a delay in updating the actual status. Before jumping to conclusions, we recommend waiting a short while as the package might still be on its way. However, if the package doesn't arrive within a reasonable timeframe, please contact our customer service team without delay.

    We'll promptly investigate the matter, liaising with the courier service to ascertain the whereabouts of your package. Our primary goal is to resolve any issues swiftly, ensuring you receive your art piece in a timely manner and remain satisfied with our services.

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  4. How can I purchase a custom Metal Plate Picture?

    Creating a custom Metal Plate Picture is a unique and personalized way to express your creativity. To begin the process, you can explore more information and options on our dedicated Personalized Metal Plates Page by clicking the following link: Personalized Metal Plates Page.

    This page provides detailed insights into the customization options available, allowing you to tailor your metal plate to your preferences. Whether it's adding a personal touch, commemorating a special occasion, or expressing your artistic vision, our personalized metal plates offer a canvas for your creativity.

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