Is it suitable to mount my Metal Plate Picture on

Created by Wall Art Galore Sep 09, 2023 16:56:44 PM Published in Mounting & Installation Solutions 1190 Views.

Mounting a Metal Plate Picture requires certain considerations to ensure the best display and security of the artwork. Uneven walls can pose challenges in achieving a snug and stable fit for your art piece.

While our Wall Art Galore pieces are designed for optimal versatility, we generally advise adhering them to straight or even surfaces. This is to guarantee the artwork sits flush against the wall, preventing potential gaps or misalignments that can arise from irregularities in the wall's surface.

Using the Metal Plate Picture on uneven surfaces might not only affect its visual appeal but could also compromise its stability, leading to potential damages or falls. Therefore, for the best outcome and to ensure the longevity of your art piece, we recommend choosing a straight and even section of your wall for mounting.