Is it suitable to mount my Metal Plate Picture in

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Mounting a Metal Plate Picture in a bathroom is a consideration that comes with certain caveats. Our Wall Art Galore pieces are crafted from galvanized steel, a material known for its resistance to rust. This provides some level of protection against the usual wear and tear.

However, bathrooms typically present a humid environment, especially post-showering or bathing. The constant exposure to this humidity might impact the effectiveness and longevity of the magnets. As such, we generally advise against mounting in spaces with high humidity or direct exposure to steam.

That being said, we've received feedback from customers who have successfully displayed their Wall Art Galore pieces in bathrooms for extended periods without any noticeable issues. The key seems to be positioning the artwork away from direct steam, such as away from the shower area.

If you decide to mount your piece in the bathroom, we recommend regular checks to ensure the magnet and artwork remain in optimal condition. Always prioritize the longevity and safety of your art piece.