What's a Metal Plate Picture

What's a Metal Plate Picture

What's a Metal Plate Picture
What is a metal plate picture

Metal plates are metal wall art posters that come with a magnetic system that sticks to your wall. This is an easy way of sticking you new pictures to any flat clean surface within 20-30 seconds.

Once done just fit the picture to the wall, no tools, no mess, no hassle, no fading, robust and easy to level, even for the none DIYer.

A print as you have never seen before. The thin metal plate allows you to apply your photo or image onto the sized plate of your choice. The results are sharp and vibrant, ultra strong with amazing photo quality. Every print comes with a free magnetic hanging system. As a result, our photos on metal plates are a great quality product and make your photo have a long life with no fading. We hand make your own personalised photos on metal plates.

Metal plates have been developed for all surroundings: home, studio and the office. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help.

No tools required, seconds to mount.
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