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210 x 297 mm297 x 420 mm420 x 600 mm600 x 900 mm
21 x 29.7 cm29.7 x 42 cm42 x 60 cm60 x 90 cm
8 x 12 inch12 x 16 inch16 x 24 inch24 x 36 inch
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Fantastic bw-mpp-053 Poster Artwork and Prints Create By Professional Artist. Printed On Metal. Easy Magnet Mount, Worldwide Shipping.
Product Info | Metal Plate PicturesProduct Info | Metal Plate Pictures
Product Info | Metal Plate PicturesProduct Info | Metal Plate Pictures
Product Info | Metal Plate PicturesProduct Info | Metal Plate Pictures
Product Info | Metal Plate PicturesProduct Info | Metal Plate Pictures
Product Info | Metal Plate PicturesProduct Info | Metal Plate Pictures
Product Info | Metal Plate PicturesProduct Info | Metal Plate Pictures

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is my personal information safe?
    Yes. Metal Plate Pictures respects your privacy; therefore, we will never distribute any of your personal information that is submitted on our site.
  2. Is the mounting system involved in the price?
    Yes, of course. The mounting system is included in the price which you pay for purchasing the metal wall art.
  3. Is it possible to stick a Metal Plate Picture on a wallpaper?
    It's recommended to stick a mounting on an even surface only. But many customers have also tried the same on wallpapers. However, we can't conclude whether it will hold on particular wallpaper.
  4. How can I remove a magnet from the wall?
    If you want to remove a magnet from walls, then just remove the magnet system and peel the wall protector off the wall.
  5. Can you recommend another method of mounting?
    We don't recommend any other methods of mounting Metal Plate Pictures to the wall. You could Make a hole in the magnet mount to hang it on your choice walls by using a nail or screws.
  6. Can I mount my Metal Plate Picture on the brick surface?
    Generally, we don't recommend mounting a Metal Plate Picture on uneven surfaces. You can use adhesive to stick the Metal Plate Pictures to your walls. Or you could try just using the magnet system without the wall protector, failing that you could make a hole in the magnet to mount it to the walls using the nail.
  7. Can I mount my Metal Plate Picture on an uneven wall?
    Generally, we recommend you to add Metal Plate Picture to a straight surface as it might not fit correctly on uneven walls.
  8. Can I mount my Metal Plate Picture in a bathroom?
    We have not done enough extensive testing to categorically say we use galvanised steel for the Metal Plate Pictures, which helps in preventing them from getting rusted. Generally, we do not recommend mounting your Metal Plate Pictures in a steamy room as the humidity might affect your magnet's. However I can say we have had customers use these in their bathrooms for many months now without any issues, they have just kept them away from the direct steam.
  9. Is it possible to purchase additional magnets?
    Yes, you can purchase additional magnets from us. Check more details right here:
  10. How can I pay for an order?
    You can pay online with credit/ debit cards or any of the payment gateways we support. You need to pay extra charges if you use USD, GBP, EUR, SEK, CHF, DKK, or any other currency.
  11. Will I receive my confirmation email?
    Yes, once you place an order, we send the confirmation email to your mail address. If you don't find it in your inbox, you can check your spam folder to make sure it didn't get lost.
  12. How to use a discount code?
    Enter discount code in the required field you can view below the cart. Make sure to enter the code in the box before moving to the final checkout process.
  13. How can I add two discount codes?
    You can't add two discount codes for one order; we don't allow multiple discount code entries for the same order.
  14. I forgot to apply for a discount. Can you refund me a difference?
    Sorry, but we don’t allow you to apply discount codes on already paid orders. We will not refund the amount. If you require a refund, then the only solution is to cancel the order and then follow the ordering process again. But before cancelling the order, please look into our cancellation policy.
  15. Am I allowed to change or add an item to my previous order?
    Unfortunately, we don't allow any customisation to orders already paid (but please try reaching out to us 1st so we can double check your metal poster has not or has gone through the manufacturing process. ) The only way to change or add another item to your order is to cancel it and place the new one. But make sure that you can only cancel the order as per our cancellation policy. You can't cancel the order due to us working on shipping your items out the next day, so it is vital to our manufacturing process that we keep this streamlined.
  16. Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, it's possible. (only if your order is not in the manufacturing stage) You can cancel the placed order (however if this is in the manufacturing stage unfortunately this can not be cancelled) This is because after that we start printing your product this means all shipping is booked and item is processed. For further inquiries contact us here
  17. I have cancelled my order. When will I receive a refund?
    Your refund will be created to your account within 14 days of product cancellation.
  18. Will there be a customs fee applied to my order?
    It entirely depends on the destination of product delivery. The custom fee depends on the country's regulations. You need to pay for all the costs related to customs duties.
  19. Why is my payment not successful?
    One of the primary reasons for unsuccessful payment can be bank providers' policies. Some of the banks restrict foreign payments.
  20. Is payment on your website secure?
    We ensure to provide you with an encrypted and secure payment. You can check our privacy policies and terms & conditions as well right away to know how we assure complete security.
  21. What countries do you ship?
    We ship our metal art globally including France, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Switzerland, UK, the US, Venezuela, and many others. No matters where you live, you can get the product delivered right at your doorsteps with few taps.
  22. Am I allowed to track the status of my order?
    You can check the shipping status of the product by following easy and quick steps. Enter your order number to know the real-time status of your order magnet mounting metal art. A tracking number from the courier will always be emailed you the email provided.
  23. What if my parcel lacks its content or received a product that is damaged and has defects?
    Make sure to remember to check the parcel in the presence of the service provider. And after opening the package if you find a lack of content or a damaged or defective product, send us some images. Our team assures you to solve all your inconveniences as soon as possible.
  24. What happens if my package is marked assigned, but I didn't receive it?
    We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our team to resolve all your issues as soon as possible.
  25. What is the estimated time of delivery?
    The estimated delivery time is around 19 to 20 days, including the manufacturing, handling, and shipping.
  26. What are the shipping costs?
    The shipping cost ultimately depends on various aspects such as country shipment, total weight, and fuel fee. If you need to know the shipping cost, it becomes essential for you to add the product to the cart.
  27. What shipping companies do you use?
    All Metal Plate Picture is packed securely and is shipped by one of our selected courier service. We prefer to use our chosen service to deliver our metal art to European countries whereas use ups or one of the providers chosen in the menu before placing your order to deliver the product outside Europe.
  28. Do you deliver to PO BOX, addresses?
    Unfortunately, we don't deliver to PO BOX addresses. Make sure to use your regular address to get your Metal Plate Pictures delivered right at your doorsteps without any fail.
  29. What is your return policy?

    You can quickly return Metal Plate Picture within 28 calendar days after the product delivery. We will provide you with a 100% refund as per our return policy.


    You are allowed to return the product only if it's in its original state and you haven't made use of the mounting system. You need to return Metal Plate Pictures at your own cost. In case of a partial return, the shipping cost is not refundable.



    (Note: All Personal Metal Plate Pictures are 100% Non-refundable)


    Also, make sure to write down the packages' full shipping details and put a note with your order number inside it. The address for return is:

    175 Westella Road

    West Ella



    Once we get the return package, we will contact you to confirm that we have received the cancelled product. Your refund will be provided to you within 14 days once we receive the package.

  30. Can I exchange any of your products?
    Unfortunately, no exchanges are allowed. However, you can return your Metal Plate Picture within 28 calendar days of delivery and make a new order.
  31. How can I buy a custom Metal Plate Picture?

    Custom metal plates are available You can find more information on Personalised Metal Plates Page HERE LINK https://www.metalplatepictures.com/personalized-metal-plate.html

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